Emerging Wedding Trends in Indonesia: Industry Experts Predict Post-Pandemic Changes

Indonesia is known for its tradition of celebrating weddings with large-scale parties. The COVID-19 pandemic had temporarily halted these celebrations, but with the end of the pandemic in sight, the trend is expected to return. Several emerging wedding trends are also being observed in Indonesia after the pandemic.

According to Tono Raharja, CEO of the Indonesian wedding community, Weddingku, the industry has been steadily looking up since 2022. He is optimistic that large-scale weddings will return as soon as the pandemic ends. While outdoor parties were the preference during the pandemic, many brides and grooms are now choosing to host their weddings in hotel ballrooms again. Hotels have all the necessary facilities that clients need for a big wedding, and hosting weddings in hotel ballrooms is weather-safe.

Ayana Midplaza Jakarta has seen the number of wedding reservations almost return to normal, with an 85% increase in ballroom bookings for weddings since the pandemic. However, there is a slight change in behavior among customers due to COVID-19. Before the pandemic, customers usually made their ballroom bookings at least a year before the planned event, but these days they book the venue just three or six months beforehand, as many of them are still worried that the infection rate of COVID-19 will rise again.

Wedding decors are becoming more extravagant, with many clients requesting full decor, including lots of flowers and indoor pergolas. Michelle Paris Decorations presented a platform designed like a storybook page, embellished with carved wooden horses and lighted wire butterflies at the Indonesia Dream Wedding Festival 2023. Blue and magenta ambient lighting is trending now in Jakarta, a departure from the warm-white wedding decor glow during COVID-19.

While wedding decors are getting more extravagant, wedding dresses are becoming simpler. After the pandemic, everyone prefers a simpler outfit while still maintaining their signature fashion style. Thus, many brides now favor flowy, loose-fitted wedding gowns with discreet beadings and embroideries. Full-blown wedding gowns are so last year, and customers prefer simpler, lighter wedding dresses that allow them to move freely and dance.

While sexy, plunging necklines are still preferred in wedding dresses, many now request to have them covered with semi-transparent panels. This adds more class and decorum to the dress. The classic black tuxedo is still the main choice of clients for their weddings. Wong Hang Distinguished Tailor also offers tuxedos fitted with detachable satin lapels and pockets. By taking out the detachable parts, clients can convert the tux into a formal jacket and wear it to many other occasions.

In conclusion, the wedding industry is bouncing back in Indonesia after the pandemic, and many new trends are emerging. While large-scale parties are expected to make a comeback, outdoor parties may be replaced with hotel ballroom weddings due to the weather-safe facilities they offer. Wedding decors are becoming more extravagant, with blue and magenta ambient lighting trending now in Jakarta. Wedding dresses are becoming simpler, with flowy, loose-fitted gowns being the preference. The classic black tuxedo is still the main choice for men’s wedding attire.