Male Got G-spot

Information has been stated, the G-spot is only owned by women, though men also have.

Male G-spot is located on the prostate gland, just below the bladder. Just as the woman's G-spot, if this part is touched gently, it can evoke tremendous feelings and be able to hold the erection for longer.

You know, men's muscle is as elastic as women's. By the time of a man to penetrate, it'll be tightened and loosened that allows the prostate gland pinched and causes a sensation.

This condition, a few minutes later, carries a man entered the phase of ejaculation.

How to stimulate the male G-spot? Discover the area free of pubic hair, just below the genital. Then, using one hand, apply gentle pressure resembling a massage. When beginning convenient, vary hand movements with rotating massage.

It's better yet if it's aided by the lubricant, such as massage or baby oil, or lotion. When nearing orgasm, press gently the perineum to the head of the penis.

Another easy way is to maximize touch using the index and middle fingers. Stop caress for a few seconds when reaching the climax. When beginning to lose the enjoyment, immediately repeat again.

If each couple mutually knows the partner's new erogenous zone, fuck satisfaction can be achieved optimally.

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