Clarifying Misinformation on the Death Sentence of Former Head of the Profession and Security Division Ferdy Sambo

The recent death sentence of former Head of the Profession and Security Division Ferdy Sambo for the murder of Brigadier Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat has generated a lot of interest and discussion, particularly on social media. Unfortunately, misinformation has also spread, with some claiming that Sambo has already been executed and buried. This article aims to clarify the facts and provide accurate information.

A video uploaded by Amalia’s account has been circulating on social media, claiming to show the burial of Ferdy Sambo. However, after watching the entire 8-minute, 31-second video, it became clear that the video contains comments from several sources and information from the trial process video. The video did not show any evidence of Sambo’s execution or burial.

To get accurate information on the case, the two people who appeared in the video were searched. They were identified as Jakarta High Court Public Relations Officer Binsar Pamopo Pakpahan and Professor of the Faculty of Law at Unsoed Hibnu Nugroho. A search on YouTube for the two people led to two videos from Kompas TV (videos 1 and 2) that provided more information about the schedule for the appeal decision process and the possibilities that may arise from the appeal process on April 12.

Furthermore, the information conveyed by the narrator in the video was sourced from a news article titled Kapan Putusan Banding Ferdy Sambo Cs Dibacakan? Ini Kata Pengadilan Tinggi Jakarta on The article also quoted DKI Jakarta High Court Public Relations Officer Binsar Pakpahan, who provided information on the schedule for the appeal decision, which is on April 12, 2023. There was no information in the article about Sambo being executed or buried.

It is essential to note that, based on available information, there will still be an appeals process in mid-April, and the current ruling has not been finalized. Therefore, it is inaccurate to claim that Sambo has been executed and buried.

In conclusion, it is essential to verify the information before sharing it on social media to prevent the spread of misinformation. While the death sentence for Ferdy Sambo is a significant development in the case, it is vital to wait for the appeal decision to be finalized before drawing any conclusions.