Get to know what sexual anxiety is and how to deal with it

One of the sexual problems that couples often experience is sexual anxiety. However, what exactly is sexual anxiety?

Sexual anxiety is a term used to describe the fear of sexual activity. Someones who experience this disorder will feel nervous when they think about having sex so they tend to avoid it.

There are several reasons for a person to experience sexual anxiety. One of them is because they don't feel confident about their body shape. They often feel that their body is not beautiful, which causes anxiety if they have to have sex.

About one-third of women in college are unhappy with their appearance. This makes them not enjoy the moment when having sex with their partner.

Another reason that allows people to experience sexual anxiety is to worry if they are unable to satisfy their partner. People can feel scared and worried about what their partner thinks of them if they fail to do so, based on both their own and their partner's expectations.

You may be afraid your partner will stop seeing you as a sexy man or not as a real man or a real woman.

Too high expectations can cause sexual anxiety in a person. Usually, this expectation arises because what is used as the benchmark of a true sexual relationship is pornographic videos or films. Pornographic videos or films always show intense sexual activity and on a regular basis.

People mistakenly believe that other people have sex all the time and that is a very good sign. They feel that other couples have never had problems in sexual relations unlike them.

Other possibilities that cause a person to experience such anxiety are the trauma of sexual violence, hormonal changes, and a lack of quality sex education.

Even though it seems a trivial problem, this sexual disorder should not be ignored. Sexual anxiety can affect more people than is generally known.

This one disorder can also be the root of various other sexual problems. Although sexual anxiety is not an officially diagnosed disease, it can cause serious problems.

As previously mentioned, excessive sexual anxiety can make a person not want to have sexual intercourse. In addition, this disorder can also make some organs of the body not work or function optimally.

How to deal with sexual anxiety

If you experience sexual anxiety, don't worry. There are several ways you can reduce your anxiety. Here are ways to deal with sexual anxiety:

1. Increase education about sexual relations

By increasing the information about the sundries of having sex, your sense of anxiety can be reduced. By having sufficient knowledge, you will tend to feel more confident in what you do during sexual intercourse.

The form of education or information related to sexual intercourse varies greatly, such as the technique of doing it, how your body should react, myths related to various sexual activities, and others.

2. Communicate well

Communication is one of the keys to eliminating sexual anxiety. Communicate what you and your partner want. In addition to expressing it well, you also need to listen to what your partner wants. That way, communication will run smoothly.

Good communication can also foster trust between you and your partner. Because, by being honest, you and your partner can understand and respect each other.

3. Consult a doctor

If you have sexual anxiety that has affected the work or function of the organs, immediately consult a doctor. That way, the doctor can provide the best advice, according to your body condition.

4. Avoid high expectations

Instead of messing around with the expectations you have, engage in sexual activities that make you and your partner comfortable. Focus on these activities, don't get busy with the thoughts that flash in your brain.

That way, no negative emotions or thoughts will arise, which can ruin the atmosphere of your sexual activity with your partner.