These things affect penis health

By knowing the cause of penis problems, prevention and treatment efforts can be immediately carried out to improve Mr. P's condition. The following are some of the things that affect penis health.

1. Unprotected sex

Unprotected sex increases the risk of getting infected with viruses and other germs in your genital area. Always use a protector so that it's not easy for you to catch a venereal disease.

2. Heart disease and diabetes

Blood flow not smooth in heart disease and diabetes causes blood vessels to harden. This condition called atherosclerosis can cause erectile dysfunction.

3. Certain treatment

Some medications and medical measures can indeed affect penis health, for example, radical prostatectomy and surrounding tissue. This treatment technique runs the risk of causing urinary incontinence or erectile dysfunction.

4. Cigarettes

Cigarettes double the risk of erectile dysfunction.

5. Hormone balance

Getting older, your body will determine the balance of hormone production in your body. Testosterone deficiency or too much prolactin is closely related to erectile dysfunction.

6. Psychological problems

Depression can result in a lack of libido, but it can also be marked by a problem, e.g. erectile dysfunction. If it continues, it will cause anxiety or depression to impotence.

7. Nervous condition

Stroke, spinal problem, multiple sclerosis and dementia can affect the transfer of nerve impulses to your brain and penis. Disrupted transfer of impulses risks causing erectile dysfunction.

8. Aging

As you get older, testosterone levels in your body decrease. This condition will reduce male sexual arousal. Getting older, your penis also requires a lot of stimulation to reach and maintain an erection.

9. Piercing and aggressive behavior

Piercing in sexual organs is at risk of causing infection. Sexual behavior that is too aggressive or acrobatic also risks disrupting your penis. When your penis is suddenly bent when erect, beware. It can be that you have an injury or a broken penis even though the case is very rare.