Reluctant to make love

People say, in every 30 minutes, men think of sex. Then why does your husband often spend time watching television or playing with his mobile phone rather than having a happy time with you?

Why is your husband reluctant to make love?

If that happens, it could be that your husband is hiding something from you. However, don't immediately think negatively. Who knows he is facing conflict in the office or a financial problem.

As a family head, these two things are clearly very disturbing to his mind so that it affects his sex drive. Instinctively, your husband is indeed less expressive in expressing problems. He tends to be closed and prefers to figure it out without worrying others, especially you and children.

As a loving wife, when you see your husband reluctant to make love, don't immediately accuse him of having an affair. On the contrary, invite him to chat casually. You can start by sharing funny stories about your children's behaviors that make him laugh.

When your husband looked more relaxed, this is the right time to lure him to pour out the things that are raging in his mind. By making your husband talk about his problem, it will help him realize he doesn't have to face it alone because basically, all humans in this world have a need to be heard.

Therefore, be a wise and knowledgable wife. Maybe you can't help him by directly intervening. But you can ease it by providing smart solutions.

Another explanation for his declining libido may be because you rejected his recent invitation. Finally, your husband becomes desperate. Nobody likes to be rejected many times. After a while he felt you weren't interested, he finally stops trying.

Next time, if you feel not in the mood with his invitation to make love, don't immediately reject him. Promise another time that is more appropriate. But don't be selfish. Fit it also into your husband's schedule.