For children, take 15 minutes without a gadget

Thanks to technological advancements, communication isn't difficult even though the distance separates. But, don't let advanced technology separate the distance between families, especially a couple who lives in the same city and home.

Why? Because the sophistication actually makes the people lazy to communicate. Living in the same home but communicating via BBM or SMS. They waste the opportunity to meet family members for granted.

As a result, shared precious moments, such as pouring out one's feelings or participating directly as the child growing up, go without meaning. Even though, at least in a day, take 15 minutes without a gadget to communicate with family, whether it's chatting or watching a movie together.

For quality, don't forget to give a hug, caress, body move. The atmosphere when communication takes place is as important as the chat itself. Of course, when chatting, don't give a sharp gaze. Do it with intimate sentences, or give certain smells that exist in the body of the parent or child. For example, children's acidic odor creates a nostalgic feeling.

Communication doesn't have to be done at home. In the middle of traffic jams, it can also be done, for example, when taking a child to school, together going to work, or while listening to music. From the chat, indirectly parents also transmit good values to children.

Another way is when eating together, drinking tea in the afternoon, and reading stories for children. Don't lose time, and appreciate the time, especially if the habit of setting aside the time to chat has been done since the child was a child.

Except, if there are severe problems, of course, it's not enough just 15 minutes to chat.

Communicate more often. Relationships between families are closer and closer. Suppose that warmth is an investment. So, when there is a severe problem, inviting to chatting is normal because it's used to communicating well before.

So, nothing to lose, right, to take the time?