Drink water before eating helps reduce weight

Drinking water regularly may be the easiest and cheapest way to lose weight. Adults who drink two glasses before eating lose weight around 4 lbs more than those who don't.

Water consumption can help increase weight loss success. Consumption of water can help reduce hunger and calorie intake. Women who increase water consumption in their diet program lose more weight than those who drink less than 1 l per day.

Feeling full is the main reason you lose weight. But there is another reason behind this phenomenon, namely the effect of thermogenesis triggered by water. Drinking water can also increase energy expenditure from your body. In other words, there is energy released by your body due to the effect of drinking water.

Not all who drink lots of water can be slimmer. The fact is, obese people drink more water than those who aren't overweight.

People can consume 400 to 500 calories every day from sweet drinks. The intake will give better results if replaced with plain water. Women who drink plain water, not sweet drinks, reduce the risk of developing diabetes. Women who drink lots of water also have a small risk of getting kidney stones.