6 signs you're ready to start a new relationship

Parting in a relationship isn't fun for some people. The difficulty of forgetting and recovering after a breakup often prevents you from re-preparing to start a new relationship.

The following are six signs that indicate you're ready to start a new relationship:

1. Make friends with the ex

After parting and no longer communicating with the ex, you might find someone you think he can fill your days. However, there's a feeling of guilt that arises every time you see that person. You need to call your ex and find out if you still love him. Maybe, after becoming friends again, you'll realize your relationship with your ex should indeed be friends.

2. Have no difficulty in having sex with your partner

When you're in touch with your new partner, you feel everything is perfect. Everything feels right and chemistry builds up strongly. This can help you to realize you're ready now.

3. Have no feelings after a long time

If you're single and meet your ex after a long time, you need to analyze your feelings. Do you not feel anything at all? If no, that means you're ready for a new relationship.

4. Wait for no news from your ex

You no longer miss your ex. When you don't get a message or call, you don't feel something is missing. Your life feels complete without him.

5. Ready to commit

You mightn't want a bonded relationship. However, it can't be denied that you start falling in love with someone new. This is a sign that you're ready to commit again.

6. Feel another happiness in a new relationship

When you're with a partner in a new relationship, you feel complete. Everything feels perfect. You begin to miss your partner when he isn't there and can't stop thinking about him. This is a sign that now you're ready to start a new journey.