Flatulence during menstruation

The monthly cycle of your menstruation sometimes causes a feeling of bloating in your stomach and even cramps. Those changes are also sometimes considered normal and nothing to worry about.

What are the causes of flatulence during menstruation?

The average menstrual cycle lasts 28 days. During this time, hormone levels rise and fall according to the condition of your body.

During fertile periods, hormone levels increase. But if it's not fertilized, the hormone decreases and prepares your body for the next menstrual cycle. This decrease in hormones also sometimes cause pain when you are menstruating.

During menstruation, your uterine walls decay, which makes everyone's pain different. If the pain is felt excessive, it's good for you to consult your doctor.

Meanwhile, about 85 percent of women experience bloating during menstruation. Hormonal changes cause this. You can prevent bloating during menstruation, for example, by eating a small amount of food before menstruation, then avoiding salt consumption to reduce the level of water retention. And bloating can be prevented.

In addition, a natural way to maintain body fitness during menstruation is by increasing the consumption of calcium and magnesium because these nutrients are needed.

If there are other suspicious symptoms during menstruation, you should immediately consult an expert.