Partner experiences anxiety disorder

People with anxiety disorders often have difficulty when having a healthy relationship with their partners. In fact, not everyone can understand about anxiety disorders experienced by others, even his own partner.

Although hard to understand, actually, it's not a reason to leave your spouse just like that. As the closest person, you should actually try to maintain the relationship and not give up easily.

Then what should you understand when he has an anxiety disorder?

There're various types of anxiety disorders. At least you need to know what kind of anxiety disorder your partner is experiencing.

Sometimes you can't fully understand his condition, including medical problems he experiences. Your partner may look normal like everyone else. However, in a short time, he could change drastically to experience anxiety difficult to control.

Anxiety disorders are different from anxiety in general because they involve excessive anxiety and fear. Someone who has an anxiety disorder will avoid a situation or something that makes him extraordinarily anxious, which may be for you it's not a condition that should make anxious. Symptoms can be emotional like feeling scared, nervous, tense, or physical like shortness of breath, sweating, tremor, headache, fatigue, insomnia and diarrhea. Any type of anxiety disorder can vary, starting from panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, up to certain phobias.

Not only learning to understand the type of anxiety he experiences, try to understand and be more sensitive to your partner's condition. Be a good listener, especially when your partner tells you about things that make him worry.

Don't force personal opinions that'll worsen his mood and anxiety. You may give advice. But it should be said only when he asks for it. Make sure you speak in smoother language, make no emotion. So it's easier to understand. The most important thing is, don't be bored listening to the complaints whenever he needs you. Therefore he knows you really care about him.

There're times when your partner will overdo express his anxiety, like crying, getting angry, to shouting. When that happens, try to stay calm and don't get angry or even be afraid of his behavior. Take control of your fears or anger because if not, you'll only worsen the condition. Think about the best solution to the problem and try to stay calm.

Anxiety is energy that turns out to be contagious, you know. You may unconsciously experience anxiety because you're constantly close to your partner who has an anxiety disorder. If you're worried, how'll you accompany your lover who needs your help?

Anxiety disorder is a mental disorder that could be treated. Support your partner when he does counseling with a psychiatrist. To reduce the symptoms of anxiety, besides taking medication, accompany him regularly to do yoga, meditation, or give him a chance to spend time alone.

Remember, you only act as a partner whose job is limited to providing support. Professionals like psychologists or psychiatrists can help cure anxiety disorders. But at least by understanding what the anxiety disorder is, you can accept your partner's condition then give him support, and don't feel depressed or even leave him.