Nutritious foods for children

Toddlers and children who are in their infancy obviously need important nutrients for their bodies. As a parent, try to meet those needs with nutritious foods, such as the following:

1. Egg

Eggs contain good protein to consume at breakfast. Eggs are also one of the foods that naturally contain vitamin D that can help the body absorb calcium.

2. Oatmeal

Children who consume oatmeal are able to concentrate better at school. Oatmeal is also rich in fiber, which is good for digestion.

3. Fruits

Fruits are good for toddlers and children because they contain many vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients. Let toddlers and children eat fruit every day to get nutrients in it.

4. Nuts

Nuts contain good fats that nourish the heart. Don't hesitate to give snacks in the form of peanuts to toddlers and children so they can grow healthy and strong.

5. Milk

Protein and calcium in milk are sources of energy for the brain and body. Protein helps the body to form brain tissue while calcium retains strong bones and teeth.

6. Blueberry

This member of the berries is recommended for consumption because of the high content of antioxidants in it.

7. Tofu

Tofu is one of the most nutritious sources of protein. Tofu is also good for girls for the development of breast tissue.

8. Tomato

Lycopene, a compound in tomatoes, is an antioxidant against cancer. Before consumption, tomatoes should be cooked first to increase lycopene content in it.

9. Yogurt

Another delicious and nutritious snack for children and toddlers is yogurt. Yogurt has the properties of boosting the immune system and maintaining digestive health because there are good bacteria in it.

10. Cabbage

For vegetables, cabbage, also broccoli and mustard greens, is needed for children as nutritious food. It should be given to them to prevent cancer and improve digestive health.

11. Salmon

Salmon, also other marine fish, contains omega-3 fatty acids that must be absorbed by infants and children. Omega-3 helps brain development, prevents depression, and reduces the risk of inflammation.

12. Chocolate

Choose dark chocolate because it's better. It has a compound called flavonoids in chocolate, which is good for the health of the heart, mouth, and skin.

13. Black soybeans

Soybeans are a source of protein, fiber, and calcium. Choose black soybeans to prevent cholesterol and heart disease.

14. Basil

This scented vegetable is rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, C, K, iron, potassium, and calcium that improve digestive health. These leaves are very strong to combat pain.

15. Cinnamon

This spice is needed by babies and children to balance the sugar levels in the body. Cinnamon is also a food that can provide energy for them.

Now, as a parent, you can find ways to process them into foods that can be enjoyed and liked by children.