Body, not mouth

You are what you eat, a saying you often hear. If you want to eat unhealthy food, don't blame others when you get sick.

To avoid bad health, from now on, change your eating habits according to your body's needs, not what your mouth wants, such as the following:

1. Eat on time

Meet your nutritional meets by always eating on time in the morning, noon and evening. If you want to snack, choose nutritious ones.

2. Be cool

Eating isn't the solution to boredom, fatigue, anger or depression. Before eating donuts, turn off all bad feelings in your body. So, don't eat in an emotional state because it means you will only accumulate fat in your body.

3. Eat alone

Unconsciously, when you eat with family and friends, your appetite usually increases. This can happen because your eating friends affect you. If you are aware of this, don't be tempted to overeat.

4. Control sugar

What if you like sweets and snacks? Easy peasy. Just replace the sweet snack with fruit. If still not satisfied, make cakes or snacks from natural ingredients. Therefore, you can control the amount of sugar in it.

5. Change cutlery size

The bigger the plate, bowl, cup and spoon are, the more you have to eat. To fix this, replace the cutlery with a smaller size. Eyes can deceive you. You eat what your body needs, not what your mouth wants.

6. Turn off TV

Don't eat while watching television. Your attention will be divided in two and eventually lose control of chewing. Without realizing it, you may have to eat more than usual portions while watching television.

7. Don't shop when feeling hungry

Lastly, don't shop when you're hungry. First, your decision to choose items will be worse because your mind isn't focused. Second, you will tend to look for unhealthy snacks to overcome hunger when shopping.