When diabetes symptom appears?

This diabetes doesn't come suddenly like fever or diarrhea. The fact isn't nonsense. Symptoms of type 2 diabetes have appeared 20 years before you're diagnosed with it.

The disease characterized by an increase in blood sugar levels can be predicted two decades earlier through symptoms that shouldn't be ignored.

A normal fasting blood sugar is below 100 mg/dl. Blood sugar levels of 100–125 mg/dl are already in prediabetes, and more than 126 had been called diabetes.

Sometimes when doing a general medical examination, you get your fasting blood sugar rising slightly above normal, for example, 101.5 mg/dl. This figure is sometimes not considered a warning of diabetes. Though the slight one has increased the risk of having diabetes in the next 10 years.

Why's fasting blood sugar important?

Fasting blood sugar is a measurement of glucose after 8–10 hours without eating or drinking except water. If you have fasting blood sugar of 105 mg/dl, it's proved to be five years later with type 2 diabetes, and 110 within 12 months of being diagnosed with it.

Is a normal fasting blood sugar free from diabetes?

Not necessarily. If you were measured with a normal fasting blood sugar, you could still suffer from diabetes after several years. The cause? Of course a lifestyle that's not maintained to cause obesity.

The majority of type 2 diabetics go through the prediabetes stage before. Metabolic disorders for diabetes have been detected 20 years before you're diagnosed with it.

Once there are symptoms of diabetes, which is measured by an increase in fasting blood sugar, immediately change your lifestyle to a healthier direction. The earlier the intervention you do, then the longer the diabetes is delayed or reversed altogether, so it never comes true.

Too late to be intervened is the reason at this time the number of diabetics around the world has increased sharply. Ninety percent of them are type 2 diabetes. Beyond that number, the number of people who haven't been diagnosed or don't know they have diabetes is certainly even more.

So it's recommended for you to always maintain your diet and prevent excess weight. Besides that, test your blood sugar at least once a year if you haven't been diagnosed with diabetes as a preventive measure.