Save yourself in plane crash

Plane accidents have become a thing you fear, especially for those who often travel. But actually, the trip using the plane is very safe. Your chances of being hit by an accident are very little even though the risk persists.

But actually, a lot of fatalities or deaths can be prevented. What you need to do to be able to improve your personal safety during a plane crash? Here's the explanation.

You need to know there's no plane crash in the same case. So there's no way to avoid a plane crash. There's no way that can really guarantee your safety. For example, if the plane falls at high speed and in a vertical position and finally explodes, then the possibility of survivors is not so many and not even there.

But you need to know there were only a few fatal aircraft accidents. The type of plane crash with survivors is higher, that is 95 percent. So only five percent is of fatal aircraft accidents. These are how to save yourself when a plane crash occurs:

1. Sit in back row

Seating greatly affects your chances of surviving a plane crash. The seat on the back of the plane has a mortality rate of 32 percent. Seating in the center of the plane has a mortality rate of 39 percent. The front seat has a mortality rate of 38 percent. The data shows the safest seat is on the back of the plane. Even according to the same data the middle seat at the rear of the plane has the lowest death rate, that is 28 percent. Passengers who sit behind the wings of the aircraft have a 40 percent greater chance of surviving than those on the front.

2. Choose seat near emergency exit

Most deaths due to airplane accidents occurred because passengers couldn't get out of the plane after a fall or an emergency landing. Survivors generally sat at most five rows from the emergency exit. So choose the seat closest to the emergency exit or at most five rows before and after. It's safer if you can choose a seat right next to the emergency exit. Knowing where the emergency exit is located is very important.

3. Wear safe clothes

Sixty-eight percent of aircraft passengers who had an accident died from a fire, either in the form of burns or inhaling smoke. You should be dressed as you'd save yourself from the fire. Shorts, skirts and high heels aren't recommended for traveling by plane. Meanwhile, sneakers that cover all parts of the feet and trousers are a good choice. Jeans are also a good choice. Other than that, long-sleeved clothes or jackets are also recommended. Make sure the clothes you wear are made of 100-percent cotton or wool so as not to melt. You should also carry small handkerchiefs to protect your face when a fire occurs.

4. Listen to flight crew instruction

Most people never listen and pay close attention when the flight attendant demonstrates a number of instructions at the beginning of departure even though this is very important for their safety. The informed instructions are in the form of basic information like where the emergency exits are, how to inflate a life vest and how to wear an oxygen mask.

5. Increase awareness at certain time

Most aircraft accidents occurred when the plane was taking off and landing. So, to improve safety, you must increase awareness at these times. It means, you can't sleep, listen to music or remove shoes for 10 minutes after takeoff and before landing.

6. Prepare for the impact

What to do once you know the plane you're boarding will soon fall? Position yourself properly. If there's another seat in front of you, cross your hands on the backrest, then send your forehead over it. This position can help reduce the risk of head injury. If there's no seat in front of you, make a curled position. Lift your thighs to your chests. Protect your head between your knees. Protect your head with your hands. Stay in this position until the plane stops.

7. Straight out of plane

If you've survived from the crashed plane, don't just sit. In fact, rescuers found many passengers in their seats in a state without the slightest injury died. Therefore, you are immediately out of the plane.

The explanation above can be used as a guideline to improve your safety in a plane crash. You must follow the instructions for your own safety.