How to reach orgasm

Only 65 percent of women can experience orgasm during intercourse. That means 35 percent of other women don't experience it.

Not all women do question this. Unfortunately in some women difficulty reaching orgasm can ignite anger, hatred, and frustration in marriage.

Strong and amazing orgasm for those who've never experienced it might sound like a mere dream. Don't give up. There are actually a number of tricks that can be tried to increase the chance of orgasm.

1. Give lovemaking schedule a break

The simple rule to open the chance for orgasm is to avoid making love too often or every day. Men and women who make love every two to three days actually experience a stronger sensation of orgasm. Freeing one to two days without sex can provide a refreshment that'll have a positive impact when making love on the next day.

2. Make love before menstrual cycle

You have to consider this one trick if orgasm seems difficult to realize. Your libido tends to peak ahead of ovulation. Therefore the opportunity to experience orgasm also increases during this period.

3. Start foreplay in bathroom

Want an unusual foreplay idea? Try taking a warm bath with your partner. It doesn't matter if you don't have time to linger in the bathroom. Make sure at that time you and your partner can touch and hug. The one minute you relax in the bathroom can get rid of stress and strengthen the bond with your partner. Take a warm breath and sleigh of pleasure through this skin-on-skin stimulation. It becomes a strong sensation of sex in the bed.

4. Maximize hugging moment

Oxytocin, or also known as the love hormone, plays a major role in the presence of orgasm. To maximize the release of this hormone, try to hug often with your partner during sex. The sensation that comes from this hug stimulation doesn't only make you feel loved but also can give a special jolt in the moment of orgasm.

5. Dim light when making out

Even though it's hard to believe, but simple actions such as turning off the lights or using a sleep mask can make your attention more focused on stimulation. This will lead you to a stronger orgasm. When your concentration is taken away from one particular sense, this will increase sensitivity to other senses. No wonder the intensity you feel at the moment of climax is naturally very unexpected.

6. Focus on clitoral stimulation

Pleasure due to stimulation in this one area is no kidding. Nearly 80 percent of people respond positively to clitoral stimulation. So focus on sex positions that can stimulate your clitoris directly, such as cowgirl or doggy style. Both of these positions can provide a consistent orgasm for most women.

7. Rely on lubricant

The use of lubricating fluids can direct men and women to a higher level of arousal, enjoyment, and satisfaction. Other than that, lubricating fluid also allows you and your partner to engage in more varied activities, technique and sex positions. The level of satisfaction you feel during any orgasm session is certainly higher.

Generally, all women who are physically and mentally healthy have the chance to experience orgasm. There's only one key, that is giving the opportunity to know yourself. It's very important to explore your own body and find what you like and feel comfortable. This will greatly affect the quality of the orgasm you feel during sex.