Frequency of healthy sex

How often should sex be done? This question may have occurred to you and your partner. Or maybe you're the one who makes the frequency of sex as a benchmark of happiness in marriage?

Research has its own facts about this. Apparently, the frequency of sex isn't always directly proportional to your partner's satisfaction in marriage.

Then what's the benchmark of happiness in sex life? See the full explanation as reported by Psychology Today!

A research conducted on more than 26,000 people showed the married couple had sex about 51 times a year, or on average once a week. The question that arose after this study was published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior was, "Is making love once a week the frequency of sex that can make a married couple happy?"

To answer that question, researchers conducted a research on 30.000 people. This time the study was conducted to examine how much the relationship between the frequency of making love with the level of happiness was.

The result was couples who had sex once a week turned out to be the happiest couples. Meanwhile, couples who had sex two to three times a week were generally not happier than they who did it once a week.

The couple who made love more than two times a week did look quite happy. But the research team assessed the level of happiness felt by this group of couples was as happy as they who only had sex once a week.

The result of this study has been published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.

Then which couples have the lowest level of happiness? Apparently, couples who had sex less than once a week was the only group that was least happy compared to them who did it once a week or more.

This conclusion is finally used as a reference. You should be alert when there's almost no sexual activity in a week. This scarcity of sexual relations mustn't be allowed to drag on so as not to cause a sexless marriage.

What's the sign a marriage has become sexless? In her book entitled The Sex-Starved Marriage, Michele Weiner-Davis defined a sexless marriage as a condition when a couple only had sex 10 times a year or less. Whereas according to other scientific references, if in the last one to six months the couple didn't have intercourse at all, then it could be called a sexless marriage.

Intimacy in marriage shouldn't be considered trivial. Always involving your partner in intimate sexual activity will create a stronger foundation in the marriage years.