Most common error in condom use

The existence of condoms is very important related to sexual health. Not only is it able to prevent unwanted pregnancy, but this one object can also protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. The price is quite affordable and easily available on the market.

The presence of condoms has been detected since 11,000 BC. The researchers stated there were images that represented condoms in two caves in France known as Les Combarelles.

Today, condom production is very diverse, tailored to the needs and desires of the wearer. Everyone has different preferences, ranging from size, texture to lubrication.

If you and your partner choose condoms as a contraceptive, then you must know how to use and store them. Like other products, condoms will decrease in quality over time. Use or storage errors will further reduce the quality of condoms.

There are some mistakes often made related to condom use. Find out below.

1. Ignore expiration date

The majority of condoms are latex, a material like rubber. If stored properly, the average latex condom is still worth using for four to five years. So before using it, always check the expiration date, huh.

2. Not used immediately

Opening the packaging will make the condom dry and lose elasticity. As a result, condoms become brittle. In order not to be like that, just open the condom packaging when you will be penetrated.

3. Choose wrong type

There are several types of condoms designed with additional materials for specific purposes. This factor will increase the quality and age of storage. Even so, latex condoms are considered to be the longest period of expiration compared to other types of condoms. Therefore, always check the quality and materials of condoms before buying.

4. Not know to have latex allergy

Sometimes you don't realize you actually have allergies to latex. But no need to worry because there are polyurethane materials often used as latex substitutes. There also other condoms made from organic materials.

5. Choose thin condom

Maybe you and your partner think thin condoms will be more comfortable to use. Even so, thick condoms are more resistant and not easily torn. So it is certainly safer.

6. Take in place exposed to sunlight

Ideally, condoms should be stored in a cool and dry place. Putting condoms in a hot and sun-exposed place will make the moisturizer inside the package dry and make the condom brittle.

7. Store condom in wallet

Friction, pressure and constant temperature changes in the wallet can damage the structure of the condom. So, putting a condom in your wallet or in the back pocket of your pants will reduce the quality of the condom.

8. Throw away condom box

If you and your partner buy condoms, then you should leave the condom in the box. If the condom is removed from the box and placed carelessly in a bag, it will risk being scratched or pierced by sharp objects, such as keys, pens and others. This will cause damage to the condom.

Well, those are eight errors in storing and using condoms. Do not let it happen so that your sex and partner stay safe.