Safe holiday tips for pregnant women

Welcoming the holidays with the presence of the little baby in your womb is certainly very nice, yes? However, as a pregnant mother, this condition certainly requires a lot of attention, especially when you have to attend a number of events.

Busyness is certainly very draining. In addition, you also must be able to adjust to the various types of dishes served. In fact, you know many holiday dishes contain sugar, coconut milk and fat.

These foods certainly won't be well consumed excessively by pregnant women. Well, so that your vacation moments can keep walking fun, and you can stay healthy, consider some of the tips below.

1. Use comfortable outfit

When pregnant, your sweat production will be more than usual. For that, use comfortable clothes during your visit. Choose cotton maternity wear that easily absorbs sweat. In addition to easily absorbing sweat, cotton is also a comfortable clothing material because it's not hot.

This will make you not sweat excessively. Excessive sweating will make you feel tired faster. You should also avoid tight clothes, especially in the abdomen. Clothes like these will disrupt your activity and make your stomach hurt.

As a suggestion, choose overalls, such as loose dress, or pants used for pregnant women and combined with blouse. In addition to clothing, you also need to pay attention to the use of comfortable footwear.

Avoid the use of heels. Enlarged abdominal conditions make you often lose balance. If coupled with the use of heels, you can progressively lose balance and risk falling. If you fall, of course, this event can greatly affect the condition of your fetus.

2. Not eat sweet foods

Vacation is, of course, very synonymous with various types of pastries. These pastries are very tempting. But remember, yes, this confectionery contains a lot of sugar. For that, limit the amount of cake consumption during the visit.

In addition to pastries, holiday dishes are also very synonymous with fat. Try to limit the amount of these foods. Eating these foods excessively are risky to irritate your stomach.

3. Consume fruits and vegetables

Although on vacation and facing various types of tempting dishes, don't forget to keep eating fruits and vegetables, yes. Eating vegetables can lower cholesterol due to the consumption of fatty foods during the holidays.

Try also to eat fruits before heavy food. Eating fruit can make you full faster and keep the health of pregnant women who have a history of diabetes and preeclampsia.

4. Drink water

Smoothie and soda are very refreshing. However, these types of drinks contain lots of sugar, you know. And the intake of excess sugar during pregnancy isn't good for your baby in the womb. For that, it's better if you choose water as a main drink during the event.

Water can keep your body hydrated and neutralize cholesterol levels due to the consumption of fatty foods.

5. Restrict visits

As a pregnant mother, you don't have to attend everything, really. Try to discuss with your husband about which places need to be visited. Try not to go to many places in one day, just one or two. This is to prevent you from experiencing fatigue that can result in the condition of the baby in the womb.

6. Not move too much

It's like you want to move and walk to and fro. However, remember your condition. You're pregnant. Try to hold back and restrict your movements. Too many moves can risk making you experience stomach cramps.

7. Keep exercising

Although you have a tight schedule, keep your time to exercise. No need to choose heavy exercise. You can do light exercise like yoga or just walking. Exercising can help smooth blood circulation and keep your blood sugar levels in order to stay well.

In addition, exercise during pregnancy can also help you maintain the ideal body shape and facilitate the birth process someday.

8. Get enough rest

After visiting a number of gatherings in a day, make sure you get enough rest. A good rest can restore your stamina. If necessary, ask your husband for help to massage your shoulders and legs to be more relaxed.

Don't let the excitement make you not pay attention to your pregnant condition, yes. Do some tips above, so you and your little one can stay healthy during the moment!