Holiday tips so that your little one ain't fussy on the trip

Who's not enthusiastic for holidays, yes, moms? Going home to visit family and relatives at holiday, wow, diverse excitement is already being imagined!

Moms and dads are already preparing for what, ya, ahead of the holiday? Certainly, pretty much to be prepared, especially when moms and dads are driving for holidays.

One of the most important things is to set the strategy so that your child ain't fussy in the car during the trip. Take it easy. I have twelve tips, so you can calmly enjoy your holiday moments with your little one!

1. Rest enough before the D-Day

This first tip is important not only for your baby but also moms and dads. Do anything that can make the family's physical condition and stamina optimal, starting from getting enough sleep to taking reflexology if the body feels stiff, because, just like traveling by bus or train, driving a car takes longer than a plane ride.

And the behavior of children during the trip is unpredictable. You've got a child who's comfortable to sleep long while traveling. You've also got children who're fussy because they feel the sleeping moment ain't as comfortable as at home.

Therefore, the day before the holiday schedule, add the children's sleep time to make them feel fresh and their mood good.

2. Tell your child about vacation plans

Tell the kids about the whole agenda during the holidays, starting from the type of vehicle being used, what to prepare, mileage, time required to cities to be bypassed. Details of this information can make your baby more impatient to leave for vacation, you know!

3. Involve your child while packing luggage

This activity is fun to do together if your child is four years old or older. Preparing the holiday supplies will make them feel responsible for the trip. This can reduce the spoiled feeling and the drive to complaining from fatigue and boredom.

Thus, moms can teach the child that this journey is a joint business.

4. Note the use of a car seat for your baby

Let your child occupy the middle row seat for free space. And note the use of car seats according to the age of the child. This is the safety standard that should be preferred by moms and dads. Here's a guide about installing a car seat:

a. For infants up to two-year-old toddlers, car seat position should be facing back for the sake of the child's safety.

b. After your child reaches the age of two years, the position of the car seat in the middle can face forward. Arrange it so that your child can sit comfortably with a strap attached.

c. When your children grow big, they may no longer be comfortable sitting in the car seat with a strap. Moms can choose a car seat that can be paired with a seat belt in the car. Or, if they prefer to sit directly in the car seat, instill the habit of always wearing a seat belt before the car goes.

5. Accompany your child as needed

Especially for children under the age of less than a year, they should be accompanied by moms because in this age range, your children will be more pleased when they see people they know well. Bring their favorite pillows, bolsters or blankets. They're more comfortable to sleep. And the risk of tantrum is reduced because they feel close to the goods they used to wear.

If your children are over five years old and can be safe and comfortable while on the road, moms may watch them from the front seat. Occasionally, move to the middle seat if they need moms.

6. Prepare your child's favorite food

Fussy risk is always vulnerable when your child is hungry. Presenting lunch and favorite snacks can make their mood more comfortable on the go. Arrange a bag or a box of ammunition in a place that's easy to reach but doesn't spend a lot of places, so the needs of the little are too easy to be fulfilled.

No less important, bring a healthy snack. Don't free your baby to eat too many sweet, salty and cold foods. These foods can stimulate children to become overactive.

7. Prepare exciting entertainment

To avoid boredom, prepare a variety of games for your baby. Moms can ask them to play guessing game, ranging from animal sounds to numbers. If your child is lazy to think, try to shift the boredom by making origami, singing together or reading a favorite tale book.

Insert a funny banter that can make the whole family laugh. Fill your children's wish if they want to watch an educative cartoon DVD or play their favorite games. But don't forget, create a time limit for your child.

Encourage your child to enjoy the scenery during the trip. Don't let the holiday trip be spent just by watching movies and playing gadgets.

8. Provide additional bin

Bring additional paper bags to make it easier for moms to throw away the garbage, such as tissues, food scraps, diapers, and so on. Take care of the cleanliness of the car cabin during the trip to keep it clean and comfortable, yes, moms?

9. Prepare the first aid kit

Bring enough medicines to prepare if your child is having motion sickness. Provide plastic or paper bags for vomiting. Place these bags in easy-to-reach places, for example, next to the door or in the back pocket of the driver's seat.

10. Adjust the departure time by mileage

If the holiday trip is far enough, it's better you leave at night so that your baby can sleep, and the street conditions are more quiet so that moms and family can more quickly arrive in the destination city.

If dads drive themself, make sure before leaving they have taken time to sleep first, yes?

11. Encourage your child to participate in directing the route of the holiday

This excitement can be tried if your children are big enough. Moms and dads can tell them about the holiday route. Occasionally, show Google Maps route to your children, then ask them to mark which areas that have been skipped.

Let your child feel involved in this journey.

12. Create travel documentation

Take your child with a self-portrait or record fun moments on the trip. Don't hesitate to stop at unique destinations that're rarely encountered to document it while resting with your baby. All these photos and videos can be a souvenir that definitely deserves to be remembered later when the child grows up.

Vacation can be an exciting and memorable family agenda. Not only can strengthen family ties, but it also can teach the little one the importance of maintaining the hospitality in the holidays.