Hepatitis C is transmitted through sex

Hepatitis C is a disease caused by hepatitis C virus and invades your liver. This most common mode of transmission through needle can be deadly and infectious.

However, hepatitis C ain't transmitted through kisses or hugs. Well, what about sex, huh? Is hepatitis C transmitted through sex? See this full explanation.

Hepatitis C is a disease that can be transmitted from one person to another through blood, sperm or vaginal fluid from unprotected sex. Like most infections, the virus lives in blood and sexual fluids. Although it can be transmitted through the sexual fluids, but the case is rare.

Not only that, actually, the hepatitis C virus can spread through sexual contact when:

1. You have multiple sexual partners and have rough sex that can make your skin crack and bleed.

2. You don't use barrier device during sex like a condom.

3. You're using the protection incorrectly.

4. You're infected with HIV or sexually transmitted diseases.

Several other ways of transmission of hepatitis C, namely:

1. Sharing unsterile needles like the ones who abuse heroin.

2. Mother to baby during labor.

3. Personal items lent to an infected person, be it a toothbrush or a shaver.

You need to know this one virus ain't transmitted through ordinary contacts, like when you share a drink or food using cutlery from infected people. You also won't get infected just because of being adjacent to an infected person who coughs or sneezes.

People who use illegal drugs, such as cocaine, amphetamines, heroin and hallucinogens are indeed very at risk of hepatitis C. Initially, people use these drugs because they wanna know and wanna try. However, they become addicted long and wanna consume them continuously.

If you're a person who's actively having sex with people who have hepatitis C, there're ways you can do to prevent transmission of this deadly virus. Similarly, when you're infected, you can do the following ways to not infect others.

Some steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of transmission include:

1. Use condoms during sex, including when performing oral sex.

2. Learn to use protective devices in the right way to prevent them from being torn during sex.

3. Refrain from sex when you or your partner has an open wound in the genital area.

4. Having sex with one partner only or not changing sex partners.

5. Take extra precautions if you're HIV positive.

6. Do a test to find out you're infected with infectious diseases or not.

You should know and remember, you who suffer from hepatitis C should be open with your sex partner about the disease. This is done solely to prevent the spread and transmission of viruses.