Food to prevent stress

Watching the 2018 World Cup games is risky. You'll experience stress or nervousness due to high-tension matches. The nervousness will then affect the digestive system so that you'll feel nauseated.

As a preventive measure, during the 2018 World Cup matches it's a good idea to eat healthy food to prevent excessive stress. Here are some good healthy foods to consume while you watch the World Cup.

1. Salmon

Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids that work well for the brain so as not to stress and reduce the negative thoughts on the brain. The lack of this substance can make the brain get negative thoughts that harm it and trigger excessive stress.

This substance also serves to reduce the risk of mental illness of schizophrenia often experienced by people who have psychological disorders. So, when you eat this food during the World Cup, you'll not be easily emotional and stressed if the team you support loses.

2. Grains, beans

The brain requires a source of energy from carbohydrate and glucose in order to think clearly. However, excessive carbohydrate will make your mood become bad and easy to stress. These carbohydrate and glucose are present in nuts and grains.

Therefore, during the World Cup you can eat boiled peanuts to accompany you. This long satiety will suppress your hunger for not snacking too much.

3. Boiled eggs

Everyone needs protein. Protein consumption can affect your mood because of amino acid tryptophan, which is very important for the body. The best source of protein is found in eggs. Eating boiled eggs in the morning will make your body get enough protein intake.

Eat boiled eggs before watching the World Cup for your body to stay healthy and awake from the emotions that come unexpectedly.

4. Green vegetables

Lack of green vegetable can be at risk of depression. Therefore, the consumption of green vegetables every day is highly recommended. Green vegetables contain folic acid and high vitamin B. Good green vegetables to eat are spinach, green mustard, broccoli and kale.

In broccoli, there are selenium and minerals that can boost the immune system and also improve metabolism. Lack of selenium can make you easily anxious until finally depressed while watching your favorite team lost in the World Cup matches.

5. Yogurt

This type of drink contains many advantages. One is to reduce stress. Drinking plain yogurt not added with any sugar can help calm your mind, so it's not easy for emotions. With a decrease in stress hormones in the brain, it'll make your mind clear so that it can think better.

While watching the World Cup, drink a bottle of yogurt with no flavor to accompany you.

6. Mineral water

Mineral water is the most needed beverage. Without water you'll experience severe dehydration that makes your body become less powerful. Don't drink soda because it'll cause your body get substances not good that potentially damage some organs, especially when you consume it at midnight in large quantities.

Drinking mineral water is much safer.

Enjoy every game while maintaining your health. Don't stress when your favorite team losses. Remember, it's just a match. Keep your health well.