Three things to increase the duration of lovemaking

The long and passionate duration of sex is one of your desires. However, frequently, this duration problem is experienced by your man where he's very passionate but has weak stamina, so that it makes sex activity become short and means he can't satisfy you.

But don't be afraid. The problem has solutions. Here're some things he should start to look at to increase the duration of lovemaking.

1. Weight

Being overweight doesn't just bring diseases to his body, such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease, but also nerve injury, especially in the tool.

Consume healthy foods. Multiply fruits and vegetables. If his weight is over, then start exercising and diet gradually. The condition of a fit and excellent body will obviously have a major impact on his endurance in action.

2. Cigarette

This stuff he smokes can harm the blood vessels, blocking blood flow to the penis. So, it's advisable not to smoke it.

This unsmooth blood circulation has a major effect on the performance of penis during sex. It's what also triggers impotence. One of the symptoms is only a short duration that he can give while having sex.

3. High blood pressure

Still associated with weight, but this is more to the problem of intake into his body. High blood pressure can be triggered from the consumption of foods that contain excess cholesterol.

This actually endangers the entire system of body work, especially for his tool. Blood circulation will be hampered and decrease penis performance, even for erection.

Imagine what'd happen when you're very eager to make love with passion, but he can't get erection to keep up with you? Then he should start living healthy and choose the food to be consumed.