Mistakes in cleaning the face you often do

Cleansing the face regularly can make the skin fresher and avoid dullness. However, cleaning the face also shouldn't be done as often as possible because it'll create new problems.

There're other errors in cleansing the face you may often do. Anything, huh? Here's the review.

1. Using water with the wrong temperature

The water that's too hot will make your skin become dry. Meanwhile, cold water won't make the pores on your skin open. Warm water is the best, not too hot and not too cold.

2. Washing face too often

People with dry skin only need to clean their face once a day. Meanwhile, people who have oily skin should wash the face a maximum of two times. If you clean the face more, it can make your skin just become dry and produce excess oil.

3. Exfoliating too often

Cleansers that can peel off the outer layer of skin can indeed remove dead cells and make it look glowing. However, daily exfoliating causes the skin dry, brittle and irritable. Therefore, exfoliate once a week.

4. Using a dirty towel

Using a clean and soft towel is very effective for cleansing the face. Ideally, you should replace the towel you use to dry your face every few days to avoid germs or bacteria. This may be difficult for many people, but it's important to change towels every few days.

5. The towels used ain't soft

A nice soft towel is used after washing the face while the one with a coarse texture ain't recommended. When cleaning the face, and you can feel the texture, better not to use it again.

6. Always using facial tissue

A special facial tissue is nice than nothing. However, with the presence of facial tissue, it doesn't mean you become so lazy to clean the face. Facial tissue is used when needed, but you also clean your face with water and cleansing soap according to your skin type.

7. Using the wrong product

Foaming facial cleanser does work well on oily skin. Meanwhile, cleansers that provide more hydration are actually good for dry skin. People with oily skin may benefit from the use of facial cleansers that contain alpha-hydroxy acids and salicylic acid. However, the use of these products is only good for you who have oily skin.

8. Rubbing the face too hard

When cleaning your face, you don't have to rub too aggressively just to remove dirt on your facial skin. Find the right product that can really clean the face without having to rub it hard.

9. Rubbing your face dry

Rubbing the towel onto the face can remove the proteins and fatty acids that protect your body from possible irritation. Therefore, after washing your face, try to dry your face by tapping the towel on it and don't rub it.

From the mistakes in cleansing the face above, where the hell do you often do? Don't make the same mistake again, yes?