Men shouldn't say these to women

For men, you'd've known that women are very sensitive with some discussion. Moreover if their moods ain't good, you should avoid commenting on something that can cause anger and romance a mess.

In order for your relationship to go well, there're some secrets about things that you shouldn't say to women.

1. Bad look

An uncomfortable comment on her dress will make her heart torn apart. Although the clothes or makeup she uses ain't matching, you should recommend suggesting good ones for them, like, "You're better suited to wearing clothes like this or that."

2. Comparing exes

If you're still talking about or comparing your ex with your current partner, that means you've not been able to forget her. For women, the discussion around the exes will only make her annoyed because she really doesn't want to be compared with others, besides your mother, of course.

3. Weight

Comments about weight are like a spell that can make women scrambled and stressed, and she carries it away in her dream. Indeed, this weight affairs are very torturing her, so it's better for you to be silent and accept your partner as she is.

4. Threatening

Women are never serious when threatening you, but when hearing you threaten her, she won't easily accept it. So avoid the threatening sentences.