Facts about the eyes you should know

The eye is one the most complex and important organ of the human body. With the eyes you can see and know many things. In fact, the eye is one of the senses that really helps the others in doing all activities in your daily life.

Not only that, there're other facts about the eyes you need to know. Curious?

1. Eating carrots improves eyesight

Almost everyone knows this one fact. Carrot is a vegetable rich in vitamin A, the basic nutrient needed for your eyesight. However, you can get vitamin A not only from carrots alone, ya? You can also eat egg yolks, milk and cheese to get this nutrient other than carrots.

2. Staring at the sun directly can affect your view

Staring at the sun doesn't only cause headaches and changes your eyesight temporarily, but it can also cause permanent problems in your retina. Direct sun exposure can often add a cumulative effect of ultraviolet radiation to your eyes.

Ultraviolet exposure has been associated with eye abnormalities, such as macular degeneration, cataracts, pterygium and corneal dystrophy. Dangerous times of staring directly at the sun are at midday and during the solar eclipse. In addition, sunlight, though it's hidden, can store invisible dangerous rays that can burn the eyes permanently.

3. Don't be afraid to read at night

Maybe you often hear advice from parents to not read at night in dim light because it can damage the eyes. However, that's not true. Reading in a place with dim lights doesn't damage and hurt your eyes. The bad thing that affects you is that you'll feel the headache.

4. Using artificial sweeteners will make the eyes more sensitive to light

If you frequently consume artificial sweeteners, such as cyclamate, your eyes can be sensitive to light. Many factors can make your vision more sensitive, such as antibiotics, oral contraceptive pills, high blood pressure medications, antihypertensive drugs and anti-diabetic medications.

5. Sunglasses is important to wear during heat

You know, radiation from UV rays can affect the skin and is bad for your eyes. Sunglasses shouldn't only be used to support your appearance alone. Using sunglasses can protect yourself from UV rays. However, if you use contact lenses, try to use ones that provide protection against UV rays.

6. Don't wait until a problem with the eye occurs

Eye problems shouldn't be underestimated. Don't let you see a doctor when serious eye problems arise. You can't wait until the symptoms appear. Some eye diseases at risk of blinding have a warning before your eyes are blind. Regular checkups once a year need to be done to keep an eye on serious problems.

7. Facial and toilet tissues can scratch the lenses of the glasses

Do you often clean the glasses by using a tissue? It turns out that it's not good for your glasses lenses, you know. Never use facial or toilet tissue to clean your glasses. Kleenex is made from wood, and it can make your lenses scratched. Use a tie or cloth to clean the glasses because they're both soft and smooth.

Get used to check up regularly, yes? If there's a complaint against your eyes, don't wait long to see a doctor, yes?