Remove bra during sleep

Bra is an underwear that must be used to protect and support the breasts. Wearing a bra also helps shape your posture. Although full of controversy, but it's mentioned breasts kept wrapped in a bra are also not good.

You may be comfortable to remove the bra during sleep, but others prefer to wear it, so that the breasts aren't slackening. Even so, there are some points that should be considered for sleep without bra.

1. Makes sleep uncomfortable

Wearing a bra during sleep may put too much pressure on the breasts. It can leave scratches or scars, or you can even get a very painful wound. That's because you unknowingly move in sleep. Consequently, it can disrupt your sleep.

Wearing a bra while sleeping makes you sweat more, which can also cause skin irritation. Sometimes, the breasts also need to breathe freely without being bound by a bra. Try sleeping without using a bra.

2. Causes excessive sweating

Wearing a bra for so long during the day makes the breast temperature rise dramatically, and it causes excessive sweating. As a result, you'll have an unpleasant time. Actually, sweat or odor won't be the only problem, but your skin irritation will be much worse.

All of these will make you feel really uncomfortable all day. In the future, you may lack confidence in everything you did that day. As you can see, sleeping with a bra can have a real impact on your life.

3. Inhibits blood circulation

Using a bra for too long can inhibit blood circulation throughout the body. The worst case can be the risk of cysts and non-cancerous tumors in the tissues. Sounds scary, doesn't it? So, you better remove the bra when sleeping, so that the blood flows throughout the day.

4. Causes problem in lactation

This is one of the most serious points on the use of a bra during sleep. If you've just given birth and try to breastfeed your baby, you should remove the bra during sleep because wearing it too long can cause problems in milk production and may even block the ducts.

5. Makes breast muscle tight

You may think that not using a bra at all during sleep can make the breasts become slack. But the fact is, removing it while sleeping and not wearing it while on the move can make the breast muscles firmer and not mushy.

This is because the breast muscles must hold the load and fight gravity to keep them in shape. So, don't worry the breasts will loose if not wearing a bra.