Keep bra in drawer

Bra is an important part of most women's lives. If stored and treated properly, of course, bra will last long. But oftenly, many don't know how to properly store a bra, even somewhat make a mistake.

Then, what are those common errors?

1. Wash too often

Unlike panties, bras can be worn several times before needing to be washed. Every clothing has its own boundaries, but it depends on your level of activity.

Usually, a sports brassiere may be slightly more washed that everyday bra because sport activity causes sweat. But be careful of washing bras too often because it can damage its elasticity.

2. Keep in drawer

During this time, many consider that the bra should be stored neatly in the drawer. However, it is wrong. To keep it dry, the bra should not be kept in the drawer as it is kept in a closed place before the bra is washed after use—the bra can be worn more than once—can cause the sweat not dry and can actually cause odor or irritation.

You also don't hang it, especially on the bra strap, because this can make it stretchy. You can hang it on the bridge or just put it in a flat place.

3. Buy wrong size

Most of the women find the size of a comfortable bra and keep wearing that size onwards, assuming that it is true. In fact, it is not appropriate because the shape of the breast can change due to hormones and weight changes.

When you buy a new bra, try to measure and make sure it fits you.