Eat banana to prevent deafness

As you get older, the whole functions of your senses can degenerate if they're not properly maintained. Therefore, you may often hear some suggestions of eating foods with certain nutritional contents to prevent it.

Related to that, for those who want to maintain the hearing function, it's advised to diligently consume banana. This is because the contents in banana, such as potassium and zinc, can protect the hearing function.

Potassium can prevent the ears from losing sensitivity to sound while zinc can prevent the existence of tinnitus.

Potassium has an important role in ear function because it helps convert sound into signal that can be read by nerves. It doesn't mean that if you eat a lot of banana high in potassium, it can cure deafness. This will only help you maintain your optimal hearing ability.

Audio players, concerts and bars have a serious threat to the health of the auditory senses. Forty-three million people aged 12 to 35 years now have hearing problems. Half the people in that age group are from wealthy and middle-income countries. They're exposed to unsafe sound levels from their audio devices.