Colorectal cancer

Colon cancer may be rarely noticed and has vague symptoms. You can detect it with your sensitivity. Here are the symptoms you should be aware of.

1. Prolonged fatigue

Feeling tired of coping with work occasionally is a natural thing. But when this sense becomes prolonged, you should pay attention to the possible causes. What we should consider in colon cancer is when we feel tiredness that doesn't go away. But it could also be due to lack of blood.

2. Change in bowel pattern

Changing in bowel pattern is the next sign. Therefore, don't immediately flush the toilet after defecating. Paying attention to the shape and color of the feces is also useful to detect the disease you are facing.

3. Stomachache

Your stomach feels bad, and the pain doesn't go away,. Sometimes you also feel a prolonged bloating. It's actually a common symptom difficult to diagnose. Therefore, you should see a doctor.

4. Blood out of rectum

When you defecate and find dripping blood, most likely, even nearly 80 percent, it's caused by hemorrhoid. However, of the few remaining percentage, there's a chance it's a tumor although not all are cancerous. Another lump may not be cancer but can also make bleeding. It's recommended you do a blood test using stool sample you have at least once a year.