Vaginal care on health

As one of the intimate organs, vaginal care is never separated from your attention, starting from whitening, piercing, to glitter application in the intimate area. There are pros and cons of such procedures.

The trends surrounding vaginal care were once famous and reaped controversy. Here is a more discussion about their impacts on health.

1. Whitening

The latest trend again hits with a vaginal procedure called angel whitening. Not only to whitening, it claims your vagina could also be tighter and feels more relaxed. This trend is carried out using laser technology and takes about 30 minutes. However, the side effects that occur by doing so will have an impact on health, such as pain, inflammation or injury, and can even affect your reproductive system and sex life.

2. Vajazzling

Vajazzling is a temporary decoration technique in the pubic area with things like sticker, glitter and henna. This can be a comforting, safe thing as long as you stay away from your labia. It shouldn't cause a long-term loss, but that could be a problem for those with sensitive skin, eczema or allergic condition.

3. Pubic-hair coloring

Coloring pubic hair may bring new impression and sensation, but the risk of irritation or even burning in the inner area may occur. It's recommended to use a temporary dye with non-toxic, natural ingredients to avoid the problem.

4. Piercing

Vaginal piercing should be done in a hygienic way and only on the sex parts that can be pierced, such as clitoris, clitoral hood, labia minora or labia majora. If done wrong, this could endanger your reproductive health.

In addition, the risk of bacterial infection, allergy and irritation, or even nerve and tissue damage may haunt you when this procedure isn't carried out properly. Therefore, at least avoid sex for approximately four months until the wound is completely healed.