Reduce alcohol

For some people, drinking alcohol is a lifestyle hard to leave behind. In fact, reducing alcohol consumption until you finally stop drinking at all is the right step if you want to improve your health.

Here are the benefits you can obtain if you really reduce drinking alcohol.

1. Lose weight

Unwittingly, alcohol can increase your daily caloric intake. A standard glass of wine contains about 130 calories while one serving of beer almost 330. People who drink alcohol at least once a month for one year have likely to be overweight after a five-year period.

2. Sleep more soundly

Drinking alcohol before bed makes your sleep disturbed. It's true that alcohol can make people fall asleep faster, only this happens temporarily. Therefore, leaving alcohol can make your sleep comfortable, and you will feel refreshed on the next day.

3. Increase immune system

Alcohol can suppress your immune system, which may hamper your ability to fight disease. In some cases, drinking too much into hangover may impair the body's ability to produce cytokines that help fight infection.

4. Look younger

When you stop drinking alcohol, it can make your skin hydrated and look healthier. Therefore, alcohol is one of the beverages known as a diuretic that can make you lose lots of fluid.


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