Massage as one form of health therapy has actually been scientifically researched. Some of the benefits that have been proven through research are as follows.

1. Launch BM

Massage is useful to overcome a hard bowel movement (BM) or constipation. Massage in the abdominal area provides a laxative effect or launches BMs. Within two months, a participant who receives massage therapy has a more frequent BM.

2. Improve immune system

Easy to catch a cold in this unpredictable weather? Massage is also shown to increase body resistance against infection. A participant who receives massage therapy has an increase in lymphocyte, a component of white blood cell that fights infection.

3. Relieve back pain

A chronic back pain is one of the most common complaints in everyday life. Not always recovered with drugs, it is the risk of more side effects obtained. Fifty percent people with chronic back pains who receive ten massage sessions experience significant improvements in the condition.

4. Overcome insomnia

Massage relates to sleep quality. Two massage sessions in a week, each for 30 minutes, for five weeks can significantly improve sleep quality. Good news for those who can hardly close their eyes at night.

5. Reduce soreness after exercise

Muscle soreness is natural to experience after high intensity exercise. This particular massage technique known as sport massage has been shown to effectively ease muscle soreness.