Hard to lose bodyweight

Keep the diet? Done. Exercise regularly? Also done. But why is it hard to lose your bodyweight? If that happens to you, there could be other factors that make your weight not reduce.

Here are the factors that you forget but are responsible for the failure of your diet. What are they?

1. Too much cardio workout

Cardio is needed to lose weight. It's just that all must be done sufficiently. A long cardio session for more than one hour can reduce your muscle mass. Try replacing your cardio routine with a short intensity and occasionally a high intensity as it is more effective for fat loss. In addition, cardio must also be equipped with strength training for better results.

2. Wrong-way eating

Not eating the right way will only undermine your weight loss plan. It will make you too weak to exercise and actually increase your appetite, so you will eat more because you often skip meals. As a result, your metabolism will slow down, and it is difficult to lose weight. Most importantly, avoid processed foods that contain high sugar and other unhealthy substances, and choose foods such as fruit, vegetables and grains.

3. Lack of sleep

Sleep deprivation can affect weight and metabolism, leading to long-term weight gain. Adequate sleep is necessary for body rest and recovery, so that it has the energy to perform its function effectively.

4. Genetic factor

Frustrated on friends who eat a lot but don't gain weight? Well, things like this cannot be avoided because each individual has a different metabolic rate. If you have followed the right routine but not seen the results, it may be the time to consult a fitness instructor or a doctor to get the appropriate weight loss plan.

5. Not having time to prepare food

A tight schedule makes you forget to prepare your own food, so you buy one that is less healthy. In order for your dietary success, start preparing your own food earlier this week. That way, you can control your own food well.