Getting fat means you should do these in the office

Still remember your weight before starting work at the office? Work should keep your weight. On the contrary, your weight gains. What do you think?

Unwittingly, your habits at the office affect your weight. In fact, in addition to gaining weight, sitting at the table throughout the day also has negative impact on the metabolism of sugar and fat in your body, so that you get the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Well, so that the scale doesn't move to the right, you should change your habits at the office. Here are the habits you must do for the work doesn't make you fatter. What are they?

1. Stand at the table

When standing up, you can burn up to 30 percent more calories than when sitting. While this may not be significant, but over time, it can help you lower your waistline. In addition, standing also helps improve your blood sugar level.

Every half an hour or so, you can leave your seat by walking to get a drink or just go to the toilet. You can also do stretching. Simply.

2. Bring your own lunch

Maybe, you could have lunch by ordering outside, but usually, you tend to choose food high in calorie and fat. By bringing your own lunch, it's expected that the factors of weight gain can be controlled.

The rule of thumb is, try to pack a healthy diet with a mixture of lean protein, such as grilled chicken and fruit or vegetables that will make you feel full all day long.

3. Leave the vending machine

Vending machine may seem helpful when you don't have time to go to cafeteria or restaurant. However, usually, packaged food contains low nutrients.

Instead of taking a bag of chips from the vending machine, you better keep some healthy snacks in the desk drawer, such as almond, squash and cherry tomatoes.

4. Go up the stairs

When you get to the office, use the stairs to climb instead of the elevator. You can do your glutes as much as 30 minutes a day by walking up and down the stairs.

In addition, walking between 7,500 and 10,000 steps can lower blood pressure and cholesterol level, and increase blood glucose, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases.

5. Stay hidrated

Dehydration will make you feel hungrier. That's why you have to keep a bottle of water at all times. Rather than snacking, you should drink more water. Even in the room, you still need to drink enough water.

A daily intake of eight to ten 250-ml glasses of water is recommended. Thus, this will stop you from snacking and reduce fatigue and lethargy while working.