Get rid of drowsiness

Drowsiness may be a natural thing. To get rid of it, just sleep or drink a glass of coffee. But the situation is different if the drowsiness comes during office hours, let alone to fall asleep on the desk.

Work would require a lot of concentrations, so that the tension was in the neck, back, waist and shoulders. Therefore, stretching is required to eliminate stiffness and, at the same time, drowsiness.

For that, here are tips on stretching the neck, back, waist and shoulders. Like what? Let's see.

1. Stretching on the neck

The neck, we know its function. It moves in all directions. Therefore, we look up and down. After looking up and down, pull the neck to the right and left. Each movement is held for five seconds and just do it once.

Well, the movements are expected to eliminate the stiffness in the neck and also makes the blood flowing in the muscles improved.

2. Stretching on the back

In a sitting position, the back rests on the chair, and then you look straight ahead. Both hands are clasped, and their position is turned, so that both palms face forward. Then slowly lean forward, so that the upper arms and forearms and also the palms will feel stretched. This can also be done to stretch the back area.

This movement serves to remove fatigue or stiffness due to work in the office. Perform it three times and hold that position for five to eight seconds. Of course, the movement repetition may be added or adjusted to the needs or time available at work.

3. Stretching at the waist

To stretch the waist area, still in a sitting position, place your right knee on top of the left. The left hand is used to pull the right knee to the left, so that the strain is felt at the waist area. Repeat three times. Each movement is held to five to eight counts. And do the same for the other side.

It's important to relieve or reduce stiffness in the waist area. And ultimately, all these movements will restore the physical condition to get ready to work until the end of time.

4. Stretching on the shoulders

Writing or doing activities with a computer continuously can make the neck, back, shoulders and waist become sore and stiff, which ultimately lowers your work and makes you sleepy. Stretching on the shoulders is expected you can be more relaxed and able to work again.

The way to stretch on the shoulder is to sit, and then the right arm is brought to the front of the body, then the left arm pulls the elbow area until it feels strain on the upper arm, shoulder or back. Do it three reps. Hold it for five to eight counts. And do the same for the other side.