Genetic mutation that makes you look like a superhero

Genetic mutation makes it possible for superhero to have the ability that makes many people stunned. For example are the characters that exist in the X-men movie. But make no mistake. Genetic mutation also really happens in the real world.

Here are four genetic mutations that make the owner have the ability beyond the limit of human in general. See more here.

1. Supersleeper

DEC2 is a mutation that makes people who have it only take four to six hours of sleep every night. It's estimated that there are only five percent of the population who have this genetic mutation.

In addition, the organs from this mutant are still functioning normally without interruption although it only takes a short time to rest.

2. Able to digest hard objects

Swallowed a foreign object into the body can harm, but it's a different story for Michel Lotito who has a strange mutation and tends to make people shudder in horror.

Born with a thick layer of stomach and intestine, the system is durable enough to avoid tears. He can eat anything like iron, bicycle, television, even bed.

3. Born strong

There are only a few people who are born with a mutation that make it easier for them to build muscles. One of them is experienced by a German boy. Not yet five years old, this kid can hold the weight of seven pounds with his arm. Wow!

A DNA result shows this baby has a genetic mutation that promotes muscle growth. This condition is different from muscular dystrophy. From the DNA result is also found a mutation that can block the production of myostatin protein that limits muscle growth.

4. Super memory

Actress Marilu Henner has a unique condition in which she is able to remember everything in great detail. The condition called hyperthymesia makes her able to remember things perfectly, even from the decades of life.