Before losing weight

You still struggle on the effort to lose weight? Make sure you've done the following tips, so that your resolution can be achieved more easily.

1. Adopt one good habit

Too many desires to do good things at the beginning of the year can make you feel heavy. Why don't you try by starting a new good habit in order to realize the efforts to cut body weight?

You can start with a new light habit, such as reducing alcohol consumption or jogging at least once a week. Once this routine is formed, you can start adding to other good habits.

2. Do light exercise

No need to force yourself suddenly with an extreme exercise. Just start with light jogging every morning or get used to walking to the dining venue when it's lunch time.

3. Know bad thing

If you already understand you're a snacker, try to switch your snacks into healthier foods. Compared to candy or high-caloric chocolate, choose fresh fruit as an alternative.

If it feels difficult, start by reducing the portions you eat. You can also share your snacks with colleagues in the office. In addition to helping the diet process, your relation will also be better, right?

4. Take enough rest

Lack of rest can make the risk of obesity increase. Therefore, familiarize yourself to manage time when working. Try not to bring home your work. Avoid caffeine consumption at least four hours before bedtime.

5. Be happy

Be blessed. Instill positive things in welcoming the new days. Let the past and sprinkle the kind value and positive thought to others. Remember, everyone has made mistakes, and come on, we all deserve to be better.