Legume meets protein need

Do you feel inadequate eating food that contains animal protein? Don't worry, legumes can be the way out.

Legumes are a large family of plants whose seeds are inside the petals, such as beans, peas, lentils, etc. Well, these plants contain lots of high protein. So, legumes can be consumed as a substitute for animal protein.

When choosing the legumes, try to have the same size. So, when cooked, it matures evenly at the same time.

Uniquely, these types of leguminous plants are durable. If stored in room temperature with a tightly sealed container away from hot, bright, damp places, these vegetable can last up to one year.

Well, to cook it also has rules of the game. Before cooking, clean the legumes from fiber grains contained in the carpel. The dried legumes need to be soaked for six to eight hours to cook evenly.

Cooking can also be done in many variations, like mixing it in soup. Or, you may also add it to the salad.