Just 2 eggs every day, and see what happens to your body

Often hear if eating too many eggs can cause abscesses? It's gonna happen if you suffer from allergy. Egg has been known as one of the easiest sources of protein you come across.

You need to know if used to eat two eggs every day, what'd happen to the body? Here're nine things that you're gonna feel if you consume two eggs every day.

1. Protect the brain

Choline deficiency can lead to decreased memory. If you eat two eggs a day, the body will get enough of this nutrient because they're a source of choline.

2. Groom eyes

Chicken egg is rich in lutein. This substance makes the vision become clear and sharp. If you lack this substance, the ability of eye catch will decrease.

3. Absorb calcium

If asked between drinking a spoonful of fish oil or eating boiled eggs, you're surely gonna choose the last one, moreover if knowing the same vitamin D content between them. Vitamin D helps calcium absorb and strengthen your bones and teeth better.

4. Protect the skin, hair and liver

Biotin, vitamin B12 and nutritious protein are beneficial in strengthening hair and skin. Phospholipid contained in chicken egg helps cleanse the toxins from the liver.

5. Lose weight

If combining low-calorie diets with chicken eggs for breakfast, you lose weight twice as fast. Do it in a long time, so you can reduce the amounts of food consumed in a day.

6. Reduce the risk of cancer

Choline, which is very important for the brain, also reduces the risk of cancer. Women whose daily diet as teenagers include eggs, breast cancer risk decreased by 18 percent.

7. Slow down aging

In women aged 35 to 40 years, age spots disappear, and skin is lifted. In men, wrinkles around the eyes fade.