Woman without lipstick

You're advised never to forget applying lipstick on your lips, especially when you wanna meet your partner. Men can loose their sexual passion when seeing women with pale lips.

Lips are parts of the face that have the highest strength of sexual attraction. Not a few women who're obsessed with sexy, full lips. They also do a number of ways, both natural and unnatural, in order to get thick, sexy lips.

It's true. Women's natural faces are reflection of honesty. Many men claim to prefer seeing women without makeup. Even so, not a few men prefer women smart in covering the shortcomings and highlighting the advantage, using proportional dressing technique.

The majority of men prefer partners smart in daubing lipstick than women who can't groom. Men more often glance at women who wear red lipstick. They say the lipstick hue reflects the sensual sides that increase male sexual desire.

The top five of the answers of men who claim to like the lipstick on women are:

1. Women who don't wear lipstick make men not eager to see them.

2. Women look more seductive with the right lipstick choice.

3. Lipstick color determines the interest of men to women.

4. Natural lipstick color makes women more attractive.

5. Lipstick can be very charming but must be balanced with smile and good behavior.