Sleep with wet hair

Some of you have a habit bringing to bed hair that's still wet after shampooing probably because of lazy drying, maybe also because you're too tired. Do you know that the habit seems to make a lot of bacteria rampant?

In fact, when you sleep with wet hair, then the pillow is so damp. In that humid place, they multiply. Therefore, you should dry your hair before bed because the moist pillow can cause you to experience fever because of bacterial infection.

Not only that, on the scalp is also a bad result. The appearance of ringworm or dandruff on the head can be due to sleep habit with wet hair. In addition, actually, when you sleep with wet hair, it's also more tangled and limp. Nah, you don't wanna have a bad hair day, right?

Damp hair can also interfere with skin health. Acne, dry skin and irritation can occur because of bacteria on damp pill.

If you're too tired or lazy to dry hair after shampooing at night, you should change the habit. How?

1. Wash in the morning rather in the night. If you're lazy to dry it with a hair dryer, let it dry by itself.

2. If you also can't shampoo in the morning, try to put the hair dryer close or immediately visible after you shampoo. It'll motivate you to dry the hair first.

If you're forced to sleep with wet hair due to fatigue, try to place a towel as a base on the pillow. That way, the pillow won't be damp, and bacteria ain't rampant.