Reduce vaccine injection trauma

Not only children, adults are sometimes still afraid of syringes. The problem is, children are required to receive vaccines, some of which must be injected.

Well, for parents, here're some ways you can help to relieve their fears and discomforts.

1. Be honest. Children who already know that they'll be injected will behave better that those who weren't told before.

2. On the day specified for the vaccine injections, tell the children that they'll just feel like a light stab, like an ant bite, for example. Make sure they believe that the pain is also only a few seconds.

3. Hold the children and have them talk during the injection.

4. Distract them on other things during the vaccination process.

5. After the vaccinations are complete, give them a compliment.

Some types of vaccines may cause mild temporary side effects, such as fever or pain in the injected area. To minimize the effect, they may consume drugs recommended by the doctor. If the former injection is slightly swollen and reddish, please compress it with cold water or ice.