Powerful breakfast boosts libido

There're many factors that cause sex disorder, including the problem of partner's closeness, stress and fatigue. But food can also has effect on hormone that'll direct the moods for sex.

You can increase libido by choosing the right food for breakfast. The food should also ensure the presence of vitamin D.

Chronic malnutrition can lead to low estrogen in women and decreased testosterone in men. This is thought to occur in adults who don't have adequate level of vitamin D.

Foods that can increase level of vitamin D are those for breakfast, namely mushroom, cereal, mackerel and egg.

Vitamin D is actually very difficult to obtain from food alone. Very few foods contain vitamin D. The main source is fish oil, and a little can be found in egg and mushroom. Vitamin D can also be found in fortified foods, such as cereal and margarine.

Daily requirement of vitamin D every day is as much as 10 mg. Well, these are the foods that can increase vitamin D:

1. Fish oil

Fish is known to be a great source of vitamin D, especially the oil from mackerel and salmon. Mackerel contains 360 IU per serving, while salmon 685 IU of vitamin D.

However, be aware that livestock method can affect how much vitamin D is. Salmon contains only 25 percent of vitamin D from those that live in the wild.

2. Cereal

Some popular cereals are fortified with vitamin D. You can increase the vitamin content by adding cow's milk or soy and a glass of orange juice.

3. Egg

Most proteins are found in egg white, but vitamins and minerals are more common in yolk. Egg yolk contains about 18 to 39 IU of vitamin D. It's not very high. However, eggs from chicken that're left free to roam and exposed to sunlight contain three to four times more vitamins.

Furthermore, a chicken that's fed vitamin-D-fortified food will increase it's content to six thousand IU in their egg yolk. Therefore, buy the eggs from chicken which lives free or not cooped up because of high vitamin D level as a great way to help your daily needs.

4. Mushroom

Mushroom is the only source of vitamin D from plant. Mushroom contains vitamin D2, while animal-derived food D3. However, vitamin D2 can help increase level of vitamin D in blood although it mayn't be as effective as D3.

However, a wild-growing mushroom is very good as a source of vitamin D2. Some wild mushrooms contain 2,300 IU per 100-gram serving. However, a commercial mushroom often grows in the dark and contains little vitamin D2.

There's one simple trick that can improve purchased mushrooms in store. Put the mushrooms on the window sill exposed to the sun. The mushroom will react to ultraviolet light. and produce more antioxidants of vitamin D.

Vitamin D relationship with libido:

1. Vitamin D plays a role in the libido of both sexes: female and male.

2. Testosterone increases with vitamin D.

3. Women with sexual function abnormalities have low vitamin D in their blood.

4. Vitamin is associated with desire, lust, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction and pain.


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