Alternative for patient with kidney failure

The verdict of kidney failure must be a fear for the patient and the family. But kidney failure isn't the end of everything. Along with the development of technology in the field of medicine, handling kidney failure also develops and raises alternatives in its treatment.

Patient with kidney failure shouldn't only do dialysis to relieve the illness. Now, there's another alternative, that is continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD). This alternative allows patient and family to determine what type of treatment appropriate to the doctor's direction.

In dialysis treatment, renal failure patient requires medical personnel and machine to do so. CAPD is considered more simple and practical. CAPD allows patients to filter blood independently. The trick is to insert the peritoneal membranes into the body and add some tools to insert and remove the liquid that is originally a kidney task.

Some of the advantages of CAPD are allowing the function of remaining kidney to be well maintained which would be useful if you want to do transplantation later. The patient's survival is also claimed to be longer in the first years than other treatments. And dialysis can be done at home, so no need to come two or three times a week to the hospital.

Substitution of fluid is done in four hours with a relatively small tool and can be done anywhere, provided it's clean. Substitution of fluid can also be done at school, office, even on vacation. Performing fluid replacement also doesn't need a sterile place. The most important thing is, the place is clean.

With good treatment, care and diet, patient with kidney failure still has a greater, longer life chance.