Age affects erection

At what age does a man stop having erection? What's the solution to erectile problem in older men?

As he gets older, erection takes longer. But it did happen. With age, the quantity of semen decreases. The color of semen changes from white to light yellow, and it has thinner consistency.

This basically happens because of the decrease in testosterone level and is estimated as he gets older. Because as a man ages, blood vessel tends to narrow due to atherosclerosis.

The best way to maintain testosterone level is by using supplements available in natural or pill form. Furthermore, walking regularly helps a lot in opening the blood vessels, increasing oxygen into the body and helping to achieve mental calm. And this can increase testosterone level.

But keep in mind that sex doesn't have expiration dates. A man can still have sex until the last day of his life, provided he's physically fit and has no psychogenic blocking. In men, there's no loss of hormone as in women.

In men, there's gradual decrease, usually after the age of 40 years. A man can continue to have sex until the end of his life. For men, it's advisable to stay away from alcohol, smoking and stress. It's not good for great sex.