Wrong habit

Good intention often doesn't work well because you do wrong. One of them is the daily health habit that you've considered true when in fact, wrong.

Here're some of them.

1. Burn and toothpaste

Injury due to exhaust, scalding, exposure to fire or other heat stings shouldn't be given anything whether it's toothpaste, butter or vegetable oil. Flush it with running but not cold water. If the burn is heavy enough, clean it with a solution of 0.9 percent of NaCl or take it to the doctor.

2. Chicken pox and bathing

If chicken pox attacks, the children may and must bathe. No need for antiseptic foam. For treatment, you also don't need any medication other than febrifuge.

3. Baby and honey

Honey is good for humans. But don't be given to infants aged one year and under because it'll cause the potential danger of botulism, poisoning caused by Clostridium botulinum.

4. Baby and vitamin supplement

Vitamin that the body needs is only in small amount. Lack of vitamin is harmful. Excess vitamin is also harmful. Babies don't need multivitamins because it's better the vitamin is obtained naturally. In fact, giving multivitamins too early can cause the risk of asthma and allergy in children.

5. Intelligence-booster milk and appetite supplement

There's no single supplement or drug that can increase appetite. Similarly, no milk can improve brain intelligence.