Tip to overcome bed affair

Feel too busy to get busy in bed? Try some tips on having sex below when there's no time to do it.

Work full time, raise children, run household and company. It's hard to insert sexual activity between, especially if you or your partner put sex not as a priority.

But be aware. Intimacy in any form is important for the longevity of most relationships. For that, here're tips on sex when you feel there's no time to do it.

1. Make love early

You need to make time with your partner, or the relationship will surely die. If you have kids or busy jobs, you just need to make time with your partner. It's very good to have sex before dating dinner or watching movies. When you're full stuffed of popcorn and wine, you'll most likely fall into bed snoring, not making love.

2. Schedule

When you're busy, you need to make a schedule of lovemaking, or this activity will be the first thing to be overlooked. It doesn't feel a bit spontaneous. But seriously, when you're a parent, nothing is spontaneous except vomiting.

At least, if you both have made a schedule, you can make sure that your nice panties are washed, generate sexy thought, make children sleep early, or eat not too much pizza.

3. Music

Do you forget the music? In your twenties, you never met sex without your favorite song. You might even have a sex playlist. However, the memory can be returned, so that you and your partner can regenerate sexual arousals together.

4. Take a shower together

Having sex in the shower is generally fun, also feels very personal. You no longer need to feel burdened with various tasks like when in bed. You can also do quickie here, of course, while getting the benefits of cleaner body.

5. Be sexy

You have your own little way to feel sexy. Utilizing candles, wearing a thong, wining, sexting, using vibrators, or just putting a cat outside will be able to evoke the sexy feelings and passion as well.