Small breast advantage

In these days, women tend to do breast surgery and all sorts of things to make her breasts bigger, usually for one reason, to look sexier. In fact, small breasts are considered perfect and quite sexy, and will obviously feel comfortable in your own skin.

You will definitely find someone who likes small breasts and see how interesting they are. Moreover, basically, small breasts have many advantages as summarized below.

1. More sensitive

Small breasts are more sensitive than bigger ones. Large breasts are 24 percent less sensitive than smaller ones. So, smaller breasts bring more pleasure than bigger ones.

2. Staying in time

While larger breasts tend to sag and stretch due to aging, small ones maintain the excitement for longer period.

3. Sportier

Forget all the sensation myths about bigger breasts. Smaller breasts are much sportier. You can exercise better if you have smaller breasts. Big breasts can sometimes feel as extra luggage.

4. Shaped

Small breasts give you attractive shape and perfect posture. For perfectly symmetrical and balanced proportion, small breasts have advantage in this regard.

5. Easy to check

It's easy to check your breasts when they're small. It can help you detect everything going on around them, including signs that show breast cancer. As far as self-examination is concerned, small breasts are easier.

6. Loved

Social media and music video may give the impressions that bigger breasts are sexier. But in fact, there're many men who see smaller breasts more perfectly and find the woman sexier and more attractive.

So, why don't you appreciate your breasts today?