Most important role in satisfaction

All this time, orgasm in women is believed to be obtained only through sexual penetration, through vaginal, clitoral G-spot penetration.

But clitoris is the most important in female satisfaction. The key to the occurrence of orgasm is the maximum stimulation of the clitoris.

The clitoris is located at the upper end of the female genital lips and slightly closed, small-sized. This organ is the same as the penis in men where there're so many sensitive nerves. When the clitoris is stimulated, blood flows into this small organ, making it slightly enlarged.

In relation to the fact that the clitoris has the greatest effect on female satisfaction, its size can affect your ability to get sexual satisfaction. Women who have difficult orgasm usually have a small clitoral size located far from the vagina.

Ejaculation in men doesn't mean sex is complete for women. Without penetration, men can continue the stimulation with hug and kiss so that women can get orgasm. A more appropriate term for the peak of female satisfaction during sex is female orgasm, no longer vaginal or G-spot orgasm.

It's known, clitoris is the most important role in the satisfaction of women.